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Your Health.

Our Priority.

We work directly with your doctor and insurance company on any prior authorization if necessary. Free same day delivery or pick up! Text-message refills now available

About PharmacyX

We are your go-to specialty pharmacy. Our promise here at PharmacyX is to always give you the personalized care and guidance you need to manage your therapy. We understand the complexity of your condition and we will make sure you have your medication when you need it! Our skilled specialty pharmacists will be there to help you manage any possible side effects and work out all the details with your insurance company because at the end of the day, your health is our greatest priority.


We are a full-service, digital pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery for all types of medications including specialty. 



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An inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood doesn't clot normally and leads to both spontaneous bleeding and bleeding following surgery or injuries.

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Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS).



HIV (Human Immunodeficiency virus) is a chronic, sexually transmitted condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

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There are more than 100 Autoimmune Diseases, such as psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, while others are rare and difficult to diagnose.



Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis are two if the most common forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in the United States.

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is usually spread when the blood from a person infected with Hepatitis C virus enters the body of someone who is not infected.



Prior to a transplant, many screenings and test must be done in order to find a potential match.

We make it faster and easier for you.

We are a full-service pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery for all types of specialty medications. 

PharmacyX has highly trained staff, who specialize in complex diseases. Our team is dedicated to helping you from the minute we receive your prescription and throughout your journey. 


We are here for you and will: 

  • We work directly with your doctor and insurance company on any prior authorization if necessary.

  • Secure funding from manufactures to help cover the cost of the medication  

  • Provide education on your medication and diagnosis 

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Covid-19 & Vaccines

We offer PCR & Rapid Testing and Vaccinations

At Pharmacy-X we offer Covid-19 PCR tests, rapid tests, and Covid-19 Vaccinations. All insurances are accepted! We also sell at-home testing kits. Please contact us to make an appointment or for more information.

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Healthcare Made Personal

Insurance Policy

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

We accept almost all major insurances, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 201-796-0400 and we'll be happy to help.

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